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As its not about us,

its all about YOU.


Life has changed since we entered this digital age, it has well become more plugged in. Yes that is our inspiration and mission too; to keep you powered up. With our quality charging gadgets, we are making sure that you get maximum from all your digital devices.

Vision & Mission

Plugin is for you as it is all about you!

First up Plugin is offering the ground breaking charging solutions in various capacities. With more and more power hungry smart phones in the market, there is a need for intelligent chargers and on-the-go power. We at Plugin also understand the importance of the companion equipment in the charging process so Plugin does not leave you dry there too. And we don’t just stop there, Plugin has solutions for all your digital devices, whether it is data sync or entertainment.

Our sight is set on the future!

'We celebrate a culture of prevailing against the odds.'

Marry Ly - Manager

Why We're Different

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What We Do


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Our Team


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